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Active ingredient: Diclosulam 84%.

Formation: (Missing)

Main crop: Soybean Cress

Main use: Amor Seco, Abrojo grande, Capiquí, Chamico, Malva Cimarrona, Mostacilla, Nabo, Quiebra arados, Quinoa, Verdolaga, Yerba Carnicera, Yuyo Colorado.

Active ingredient: Glyphosate potassium salt 640 g/l CS

Formation: Soluble concentrate

Description: Broad spectrum systemic postemergent herbicide for weed control in cultivated and uncultivated areas. It controls broadleaf weeds, annual and perennial grasses, etc., at lower doses than glyphosate isopropylamine salt 480 g/l. It is completely biodegradable. It is especially indicated for weed control in direct sowing.

It should be applied before crop emergence and on weeds in active growth, which do not suffer the effects of drought, diseases or any adverse factor to their development.

Presentation: 20 liter drums

Spectrum plus

Active ingredient: Glyphosate dimethylamine salt 610 g/L

Formation: Soluble concentrate

Description: Spectrum Ultra is a new formulation of glyphosate that allows a more effective control of annual, biennial or perennial grasses and shrubby broadleaf weeds. It is applied postemergence and acts by inhibiting the biosynthesis of aromatic amino acids. It penetrates rapidly through leaves and stems and treated weeds show growth arrest, followed by generalized leaf chlorosis and necrosis that varies between 4 and 20 days with total death of the weed. It has no residual effect on the soil, which allows its use in zero tillage or in the implantation of new crops after treatment.

Presentation: 20 liter drums

Active ingredient: Bispyribac sodium

Formation: 400 g/l SC

Main crop: Rice

Main use: Capin, gramineas, cyperaceas


Active ingredient: Chlorimuron ethyl

Formation: 75% GD

Main crop: Soybean

Main use: Control of broadleaf weeds

Active ingredient: Flumetsulam

Formation: 120 g/l SC

Main crop: Cereals, raisins

Main use: Control of broadleaf weeds


Active ingredient: Glyphosate isopropylamine salt

Formation: 480 g/l CS

Main crop: Direct seeding chemical fallow, fruit crops

Main use: Annual and perennial grasses and broadleaves

Active ingredient: Metsulfuron Methyl

Formation: 60% WG

Main crop: Wheat, barley, rice

Main use: Control of grasses and broadleaves

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