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Contribution to the environment


Analysis of liquid and gaseous effluent emissions, solid waste generated and noise levels emitted.


Study of the physical environment: climate, air, geology and hydrology, soils and suitability, biotic environments (flora and fauna), anthropic environment (socio-economic environment), etc.


Identification and assessment of potential impacts: impact on surface groundwater, impact on air, biotic and anthropic environment, among others.

Fenasol Agroquimicos y Productos verterinarios uruguay.
Isologo Fenasol Agroquimicos y Productos verterniarios

Our company

Our head office is located in the department of Florida. We started our commercial activity in 2001 and today we have a head office of more than 3600 m2.

We have actively participated in international trade, importing and exporting our own products.

We are a modern industry, in continuous development where we follow the world tendencies and we study the needs of our clients in order to satisfy them integrally.
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  • Head Office Address: Plaza Independencia 759, Of. 1062/61
  • Phone: (+598) 2901 6242 - 2900 5785
  • Industrial Plant Address: Cno. de las Holandesas 1018 B, Uruguay.
  • Phone: (+598) 4350 2655

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